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In Fortune of Wolves, one person’s cross-Canada adventure takes a shadowy turn in the midst of a mysterious apocalyptic event. The dark imagery of Stephen King meets the catastrophic world of The Walking Dead in this epic world premiere production. Drawing from an enormous script, the cast of this unique play will roll dice prior to each performance as a way to determine which characters will tell the story. This means the cast and the audience will never experience the same play twice! Two-Act. (178 pages, Cast of 4-12.)

Premiered at Theatre New Brunswick. October 12-30, 2017.


An adaptation of Alistair MacLeod’s short story, The Boat.  This version uses Greek Chorus and Post-Modern techniques to retell this classic story.  Written as a first year writing assignment for the National Theatre School of Canada.  One-Act(50 pages), Cast of 4.

Premiered at Theatre New Brunswick. 

March 9-March 17, 2017.

Neptune Theatre-March 21-April 2, 2017.


A community attempts to reconnect with its roots.  Two-Act(60 pages), Cast of 10.  Produced by Solo Chicken Productions in Fredericton, NB.


A train wreck threatens to tear a community apart.  Two-Act(69 pages), Cast of 17.  Mainstage show for the NFTC in 2013.


Three demolition derby drivers take their MLA hostage.  Received a mainstage production from the NotaBle Acts Summer theatre Festival.  One-Act(70 pages), Cast of 5.


Commissioned in part by the Canada Council.  A play about the threat of prowlers in a small fishing village in New Brunswick.  Two-Act(75 pages), Cast of 7.           


A family, cursed by an ancient artifact, struggles to understand their relationship with the chemical.  Two-Act(70 pages), Cast of 9.  Produced by the NFTC in Fredericton, NB.  


Received a workshop production from the National Theatre School of Canada.  5 university professors stage a play about pirates.   One-Act(70pages), Cast of 5.    


Produced by the Notable Acts Summer Theatre Festival in Fredericton, NB.  August, 2006.  A family copes with the loss of one of their own in small-town NB.  A play about risking everything for love.  Directed by Emma Tibaldo.  Full-length(90pages), Cast of 5.      


Received a workshopped reading at the National Theatre School of Canada.  A tragicomedy about guilt, the dark nature of humanity, and the violence which springs forth from love.  A man who thinks he’s a werewolf falls in love with a woman with a prosthetic leg.  Full length(67 pages), Cast of 6.



Produced by Theatre St. Thomas in 2004.  A play based in Woodstock, NB.  Four friends wait for people to show up at their apartment for a party, and discover why they like hanging out with each other.  One-Act(33 pages), Cast of 4.


Produced by the Notable Acts Summer Theatre Festival in 2003.  A play based in Woodstock, NB.  Three friends meet in a diner and plan to rob the Scotiabank.  One-Act(32 pages), Cast of 4.


Produced by Theatre St. Thomas.  A play based in Woodstock, NB.  After his wife dies, an elderly man tries to re-establish ties with his son.  Full length(63 pages), Cast of 4. 


Produced by Theatre St. Thomas.  A play based in Woodstock, NB.  Story centers around a girl who has gone mute after her boyfriend dies in a car crash, and her ensuing miscarriage.  Full length(64 pages), Cast of 24.